Sports Illustrated Swimsuit app features bikini girls in VR

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Normally when we talk about a new app we explain what features it has and give you a few reasons as to why you might want to check it out. However, today’s app is called Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Do I honestly need to say more? Well, I will this time because it is also in VR!

Virtual Reality (VR) is just cool. It is a totally different experience and makes everything much more exciting. I don’t think I have to go on about what makes Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models in VR good, but I will explain more about the app.

The app has all the normal pictures you would expect, but the VR section is where the real excitement is. Anyone with a Google Cardboard can download the app and try it out right away. Just head to “Virtual” and download the movie you want to watch. Each one is only a couple minutes, but looks great.

Those who are subscribers to Sports Illustrated will be able to access all of the content, plus new content each week, but those who aren’t will only get to watch a small selection of free VR videos. However, prices will range between $2-5 if you would like to purchase one, or all VR videos.

What is really cool is the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition magazine will now be including a VR viewer inside that you can use to view this, or really any other VR content with. If you already have a VR viewer like a Google Cardboard, there really isn’t any reason not to check this app out.

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