Android has a new ad to show us, which just aired during the Grammy Awards


From time to time a new Android video advertisement pops up. Today, we have a new one for you.

It looks like Google is continuing the theme that made Android so popular, “be together not the same.” The Android YouTube channel just uploaded the advertisement for the public to see, and it has got quite a few views already. The new ad features a young pianist doing his thing throughout the length of the video.

During the ad, words float out in front reading “a piano has 88 keys, each one is different.” The pianist then switches pianos and the ad reads “but what if they were all the same.” This piano has 88 keys all in which play the same exact note. The pianist plays the same song as he was playing on the first piano but it obviously doesn’t sound the same considering all the keys play the same note. He then goes back to playing the piano with all the different notes and the display reads “be together not the same.” This ad perfectly resembles what Android is and shows that being the same is boring and fails to excite.

So there you have it, another sweet Android ad with the same meaning behind it. It’s cool to see all the ways Google can implement the same theme into different various videos. This will make one of my personal favorites. How about you?

About the Author: Doug Demagistris

Doug was raised in New York and currently attends Muhlenberg College where he is majoring in Accounting. He has been a die-hard Google and Android enthusiast ever since he purchased the Samsung Galaxy Vibrant. Doug strongly prefers Android over competitors for its customization, flat Material Design and exceptional integration with Google Services. Currently, Doug switches between the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Nexus 5X, and travels with a Nexus 9. In addition, Doug wears an Android Wear smartwatch and has other gadgets such as a Nexus Player and Cardboard viewer. Aside from writing with Talk Android, Doug enjoys testing new applications, designing concepts and studying Android application development all while attempting to keep up with the rapid world of technology. He’s hopeful that his high productivity will make lives easier and more meaningful. Doug’s dream is to attend Google I/O.