Alcatel OneTouch Ride-Fi hotspot available through Sprint


The Ride-Fi portable LTE hotspot can now be picked up via the Sprint website, with the gadget serving as a top travel companion for those longer journeys.

The 4G LTE hotspot works via a connection to a DC power connector and from there users can expect support for up to eight wireless devices simultaneously.

Those interested in grabbing the Ride-Fi portable LTE hotspot can pick up the stick for 24 monthly installments of $7, taking the total spend to $168.

Sprint’s gadget supports tech devices of all shapes and sizes and means passengers can kick back, relax and browse the web, check email, watch videos and more.

Ride-Fi also arrives with built-in Wi-Fi and network signal strength indicators, meaning it’s easy to tell when the LTE accessory is running at full speed. When it comes to charging, plugging in a USB 2.0 cable will juice it up.

We’d say the key feature here setting apart the Ride-Fi portable LTE hotspot from other similar products is DC power support.

The fact that you can simply slot the gadget into a cigarette charger and go from there is a god-send for folk that don’t like carrying around cables all the time.

If you’re looking to stay connected in the car, the Alcatel OneTouch Ride-Fi hotspot is worth considering.

About the Author: Tom Morgan

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