Apple Music officially comes to Sonos Controller for Android


The Sonos Controller for Android app in its latest update received support for streaming Apple Music.

Apple Music originally came to Sonos in the form of a public beta back in mid-December. And now, after nearly two months of ongoing testing, it’s ready for prime time with the home speaker system!

Now with the Sonos Controller app, users will be able to play music from their own Apple Music library, listen to curated results in the “For You” section, and users will even be able to use the Beats1 radio. There’s also a “New” section, where users will be able to play and listen to music they may not have heard of yet. It’s essentially a glorified “discovery” category.

If you have the Sonos Controller app, Apple Music won’t show up as a service straight away. You have to manually add it by opening the menu and selecting “Add Service.” From there, you should be able to select Apple Music as a service, enter your Apple Music account information, and be ready to go!

If you haven’t gotten the update for the Sonos Controller app, you can do so manually by hitting the download link below.

What do you think of Apple Music on your home speaker system?

Play Store Download Link

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