Flood Alerts comes to India with Google Public Alerts


Google announced today that it’s bringing Flood Alerts to its Google Public Alerts service. This new feature will provide real-time flooding data to users in India, which will be served up via Google web search, Google Now cards, the Google app, Google Maps, and on the Public Alerts home page.


As part of this new tool for India, the search giant says that they’re using data from the Central Water Commission (CWC) so that users can find accurate flood information with river levels in over 170 areas where the CWC has an observation status.

Users will be able to click or tap on these alerts to find more information, such as a map, an expected timeline, and some helpful tips to stay out of harm’s way.

Public Alerts has been around for awhile now, but Google was just able to specifically bring Flood Alerts to India, as the CWC only recently made flood alerts available. The India Meteorological Department also recently made cyclone alerts available, which will allow Google to serve up warnings and helpful tips for that as well.

source: Google

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