Google CEO Sundar Pichai makes more in 1 year than you’ll ever make in your life


Since Alphabet was created, Google needed a new CEO. The man they decided to run things was Sundar Pichai. So how much does the CEO of Google make in a year? A lot!

It has been revealed that Pichai has been awarded the equivalent of about $199 million in stock. This brings his total Alphabet earnings to roughly $650 million. However, he will not be awarded it all at once, but instead over the course of quarterly increments through 2019, and as long as he stays at his current position. This now makes Pichai the highest paid CEO in the US.

Since Alphabet was in a good mood, they also decided to give Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat roughly $38.3 million worth of shares, and Google cloud chief, Diane Greene, around $42.8 million worth of shares. I don’t know about you guys, but suddenly my life feels a lot less significant…

Source: Bloomberg

  • Jose San Martin

    So start the new Google

    • Brent

      Thanks for the tip, maybe I will.

  • Adamodeus

    Wow, some headline. Slow news days? You DO know that’s the case for virtually EVERY CEO of a large corporation out there, right?

    • Brent

      This guy is the biggest. It’s just funny when you put it into perspective.

  • Tom Pain

    The fact that the significance of your life is measured in financial wealth is extremely depressing.

    • Brent

      I know, that is why I said it lol

  • Anandesh

    Is anyone’s efforts worth that much? I seriously doubt it and think something’s foul in the state of corporate managerial payments.

    • Brent

      Yes and no. It’s obviously an insane amount for one person alone to have. However, the company is huge and he is at the top. If they have the money to pay him and the company does well under his control then he deserves it.

  • michael centeno

    Correction. Google CEO Sundar Pichai makes more in 1 Day than you’ll ever make in your life

    • Brent

      I did the math and you should be able to come close even with a normal paying job. Seems funny trying to strive for one day pay of someone else lol.

  • Plerisei

    Less significant why? It’s money. One human being > all of that.

    • Brent

      I am just joking around, but it’s almost comical that most people are worried about the cost of a Starbucks muffin when there are others out there making millions a day.