Apple CEO Tim Cook can’t take a good picture with his iPhone [Update: the photo is gone…]


Update (2/9/16): In the hours following our post, Apple CEO Tim Cook pulled the tweet that included the blurry photo. Justin Herrick, EIC of Talk Android, noticed Cook’s sly move when checking a tweet of his own that linked to the Apple CEO’s.

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Original Story (2/8/16):


When you’re the CEO of Apple and you have nearly 2 million followers on Twitter, your Twitter photo game better be on point all the time.


Sadly, Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t remember that bit of wisdom Sunday when he posted the photo seen above to his Twitter stream.

Taken from what appears to be about the 15 yard line of Levi’ Stadium in San Francisco, the photo of the postgame celebration after the Broncos won Super Bowl XL was a bit blurry. And the Twitterverse was not shy about letting him know it.

One user responded with this:

Another posted this response:

And it appears Tim Cook actually blocked this user after his response:

Just goes to show you that nobody, not even Tim Cook, is safe from the wrath of the Internet.

Source: Tim Cook (Twitter)

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  • Toss3

    Wow just shows the pettiness of people. If your hands aren’t steady you won’t get a great picture even with the best handheld camera in the world.

  • Bret

    iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have almost identical iSight cameras, what sets them apart is Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). The iPhone 6 does not ship with OIS. You will have to pay $100 more for the iPhone 6 Plus

  • Scardal Xedcba

    Hahahaha, any Samsung phone, even the ceapiest ones, make better than his iphone!

    • Scardal Xedcba

      Cook can not remove that picture. Its already copied by 1000 via twitter, facebook and google+ :-)))))

  • primalxconvoy

    But aren’t iPhone lenses and camera parts made by Sony, which also makes them for Android phones?