Sony Announces Playstation Suite for Android

Last night (or 3:00 PM Japan time), Sony conducted their PlayStation Meeting 2011, in which they announced a few things, the biggest of which being the sequel to the venerable PSP portable gaming console, currently codenamed the “NGP”. While this is all well and awesome, Sony had another announcement that was music to the ears of Android gaming fans: the Playstation Suite.

According to the liveblogs from the event, the “PS Suite will make PS content available on Android smartphones and tablets”. This will also include a Playstation Store so Sony can deliver Playstation content — which many are saying will include PSOne original games — to Android phones and tablets. It also makes sense to eventually include support for Playstation Network titles as well, but right now that’s all hearsay.

The Playstation Suite is set to debut “within the next calendar year”, and we will bring you more information as it becomes available. As a Playstation 3 owner my own self, I can say I’m positively giddy about all this, and can’t wait to see it in action.

[Via Android Central through the Sony Playstation Blog]

  • odd

    Fantastic news, really! Surprising to see Sony moving away from their “always proprietary” hardware.

  • google android

    Happy hear to this from sony