LG patches major security vulnerability that put over 10 million G3’s at risk


According to a report published by precise threat detection company Cynet, LG is currently in the midst of patching a major security vulnerability on its former flagship smartphone, the G3, which puts an estimated 10-million users sensitive data at risk. It’s believed that the South Korean company’s pre-installed Smart Notice application is the source of the security threat as it does not validate the data it processes, thereby creating a large loophole for hackers to execute malicious code.

Here’s what Cynet-certified researchers had to say on the matter:

“Using the vulnerability, an attacker can easily open the user device to data theft attack, extracting private information saved on the SD Card including WhatsApp data and private images; put the user in danger of phishing attack by misleading the end-user; and enable the installation of a malicious program on the device. We informed LG, which responded quickly to notice of the vulnerability and we encourage users to immediately upgrade their [Smart Notice] app.”

So there you have it, folks. If you’re reading this and you’re one of the 10-million owners of an LG G3, it’s time to update your Smart Notice application. If you don’t, you’re leaving your device wide open to intruders who are itching to harvest any data they can get they’re hands on, such as bank details, usernames, email addresses and passwords — so they can sell them on to members of the deep web.

Source: Cynet

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  • tabatt13

    I love how there are no links to download the patch, or instructions on exactly where or how to get it.