Samsung did alright in Q4, but is worried about 2016


Samsung has finally unveiled their final Q4 earnings. They earlier reported what they thought they earned, but now the results are final. Overall, they did pretty good, but 2016 is already looking to be a hard year.

Its operating profit was around $5 billion, which was a drop from it’s Q3 earnings of $6.1 billion. However, it is still 16.2% higher than last years Q4 earnings. Samsung is blaming “global economic headwinds”, slower high-end smartphone sales, and weakened prices on memory and LCD panels.

Although Samsung wishes they did better, they still did pretty good. They managed to increase tablet and television sales in Q4. Also, Galaxy Note 5 as well as mid to lower-end smartphone sales were up.

Additionally, they have hopes for more TV sales this year as the 2016 Olympics are coming soon. They also plan on increasing sales for IoT, smartwatches, and other wearables this year.

Source: Samsung

  • Richard Dennis

    Could be wireless providers are no longer subsidizing phones, so customers are not willing to either part with $800 for a new flagship or make payments over the next two years for the phone.

    • Brent

      Even the subsidized ones have been raised. Here in Canada phones like the iPhone used to be $200 on contract with $50-60 a month payments. Now it’s $400 upfront and $80 minimum contract. Their shares tanked, but Samsung was luckier as it also sells cheaper phones for people to buy.