Vine celebrates third year, shares funniest clips


To celebrate its third Birthday, the team behind Vine have put together a collection of the best clips uploaded to the video-sharing app over the years.

Speaking via a blog post, Head of UX Jason Mante said that Vine’s third year has been the most memorable yet, with the selection of bizarre, funny and entertaining Vines continuing to grow daily. The app first arrived back in January 2013 and has had millions chuckling ever since.

Mante said:

“As we look back on #VineYear3, most of this year’s most powerful and entertaining moments are bigger than any one individual Vine. They’re larger stories, made up of many Vines, remixes and collaborations. We collected the ones that made this year the most memorable yet.”

Vine’s makers have put together a playlist of the best clips that’s now accessible on mobile gadgets and computers, with the Vine: Year 3 page now boasting over 6.5 billion total video loops.


In addition to the new ‘best of’ playlist, Vine has also introduced the first version of Trends on Vine, which makes it easier to discover stories behind the social app’s ‘notable trends’. Mante explains:

“[These trends] extend beyond our phones, influence culture and reach millions of people around the world. Take a look at On Fleek and Shmoney Dance for some examples. What you see today is just the beginning.”

Recently, Vine was updated with a new ‘For You’ feature, while brings personalised video content to the top of a user’s timeline. The clips shown are from accounts that the user doesn’t follow, which means the tool helps introduce Vine fans to a whole new world of talented creators.

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Source: Vine

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