Humble Bundle offering Bandai Namco games for charity


Looking to get your hands on a bunch of fun Bandai Namco mobile games while doing a bit of good at the same time? Humble Bundle has you covered.

For just $1, you get three Bandai games–Crush the Castle, PAC-MAN Kart Rally and Flight Control. For $4.80, you get an additional three games–Ridge Racer Slipstream: Special Edition, Puzzle Quest 2 Full Edition and PAC-MAN Championship Edition–and for $5, you also get PAC-MAN CE DX.

At checkout, you decide how your money will be divided up between developers and charity. Humble Bundle suggests allocating some of the purchase price to the Save the Children charity, but at the bottom of the page is a search box allowing you to search a database of thousands of charities to find the one you deem most worthy.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle