Consumer protection group in the Netherlands bringing suit against Samsung over its sluggish Android updates


The process of getting the latest update onto our phones is, usually, extremely frustrating. While some manufactures, such as HTC, are trying to make the process a little more transparent, most of us are left with no information in regards to when, or even if our device will be updated. I know I am sitting here with my Note 4, now three months out from the release of Marshmallow, with no idea when my device will be updated. For those of you, like me, growing fed up with this lack of info, we may have a savior. The Dutch consumer organization “Consumentenbond” sees this lack of info harmful to Dutch consumers, and has decided to bring suit against Samsung in hopes to make the process more transparent.

In a recent study, the Consumentenbond found that a whopping 82% of Samsung phones were running older software versions. This was found to be unacceptable for a group that places such a heavy emphasis on the importance of software updates. According to director Bart Combée, “Software updates are vital to keep smartphones secure and to protect consumers from cyber criminals and the loss of their personal data.”

After recent talks broke down between the two, the Consumentenbond saw the courts as the only way to remedy this problem.

While Samsung may be the only manufacturer being brought to court, it should be noted that, according to this group, Samsung is not the only violator here. The Consumentenbond believes many manufacturers have unfair update polices, but they see Samsung as the key to fixing the whole problem.  Samsung is the biggest Android device maker, so if it can get a win against Samsung, the ruling may trickle down and force all other manufacturers to comply.

I for one, wouldn’t mind a more transparent update policy. I do realize that even if the Consumentenbond wins though, it may have no affect on the policies of Samsung outside the Netherlands. Dutch courts just have no jurisdiction outside of its own borders. But hey, maybe if Samsung is going to be sending the updates out in the Dutch market already, they can release them simultaneously across other markets. Unlikely, but one can dream.

Source: Myce

About the Author: Ryan Rabea

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