You’ll soon be able to install apps directly from Google search results


Google is making easier than ever to install apps right onto your Android device by rolling out a way for users to install apps directly from mobile search results. If you search for a certain retail store, for example, and they have an app available on the Play Store, their app will show up at the top of the mobile search results.

That’s actually how Google Search has always behaved, although tapping on that link would jump you directly to the app’s Play Store listing. This new feature skips that step, and immediately shows you the app permissions and a download window, saving you a couple taps. It’s not a huge new feature, but it’s certainly more convenient for those of us that like to install plenty of apps.

This isn’t live for everyone just yet, but you can test it out by Googling some apps on your smartphone or tablet. Like all of Google’s new apps and features, they typically rollout to everyone over a few days, so if you haven’t seen it yet, just sit tight.