Huawei said to be preparing to launch four P9 smartphones


Sources speaking to Venturebeat have claimed that Huawei plans to launch four P9 smartphones, with one of the models said to feature a dual lens.

According to sources chatting to the technology website, the smartphone group has plans to launch a ‘regular’ P9, a budget-friendly P9lite, a P9max and a fourth, feature-enhanced P9.

The news arrives courtesy of somebody ‘with knowledge of the company’s plans’, reporting that the mysterious fourth P9 will boast a larger screen, increased RAM and storage and a unique dual-lens system. Venturebeat’s Evan Blass writes that the dual (12 megapixel) sensor configuration has been referred to as a ‘second-generation’ feature that first showed up on the 2014-2015 Huawei Honor 6 Plus.


Sources add that Huawei has chosen not to feature a QHD resolution on the new smartphones, with the reason being that the minor boost in image quality is ‘not worth the trade-off in power drain’. The same tipsters say that none of the four smartphones will be launched at MWC instead getting their own event later in the year.

Earlier this week, a Geekbench database entry appeared to show a sketch of the Huawei P9, showcasing a different design direction for the manufacturer.

One of the most note-worthy features of the sketch is the inclusion of a physical home button, potentially included to house a fingerprint sensor.

If the rumours arriving from Venturebeat are true, then Huawei has a busy year ahead. This is especially true when you consider whispers from elsewhere suggesting that the smartphone group is also working on a dual OS laptop.

About the Author: Tom Morgan

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