[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 only $200 with rebates


If you are looking to pick up a Samsung Gear S2 in the U.S., you have a few days to jump on a deal that effectively cuts the price from the normal $299 price down to only $199. That price can be achieved by placing your order through online retailer Adorama.

The total discount of $100 is split into two $50 portions. First, using the code 50OFFJAN yields an immediate $50 discount when placing the order. Users can then submit a mail-in rebate for the other $50 of the discount. The mail-in rebate is paid out in the form of a prepaid card and will take 8-10 weeks to be processed.

The current offers by Adorama are only valid through January 20th, so you have until the middle of the week to place your order. Hit the source links below for more details.

sources: Adorama, 4MyRebate
via: GSMArena