Samsung will probably have its own version of Apple’s Live Photos


Between the millions of Samsung and Apple customers roaming the world, there’s a lot of debate. Each side constantly goes back-and-forth accusing the other company of copying a hardware or software feature. It’s just one big shouting match of declaring copycats. Most of the time, Samsung and Apple end up in a courtroom to handle long, drawn-out lawsuits. And it seems that this year the two companies are going to end up battling over another matter because a new report claims that Samsung is preparing its own version of Apple’s Live Photos.

Live Photos was created by Apple to give new life to photographs. Apple is essentially creating glorified GIFs that contain sound, only played when someone with an iPhone presses on the photo. Samsung apparently likes the idea and will be moving forward with an implementation of its own.


The report, which comes from Android Geeks, lays out that Samsung is testing a “Live Photos-like feature” likely to debut alongside the Galaxy S7 later this year; however, the source notes the company may be forced to launch it following the flagship’s release. This means Galaxy S7 owners would have to wait for a software update that allows the feature to go live.

The Samsung-made version of Live Photos would differ from Apple’s in that sound won’t be attached. Having photo and video combined, without sound, gives everyone the ability to view the content on different social media platforms like Facebook. Apple is currently waiting for Facebook to roll out an update that enables Live Photos support. Most social media platforms and websites gladly welcome GIFs for the fun and creativity they bring. So, yes, Samsung is finding a way to jump right over Apple and not limit support to any devices.

We’d have to assume the company also lets Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge+ owners use the feature.

Samsung is allegedly choosing between names Vivid Photo and Timeless Photo.

Source: Android Geeks
Via: Phone Arena

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  • Napolean Christopher Pariath

    but wasn’t HTC zoe the same thing ??

    • Justin_Herrick

      Yep. But no one remembers that. I wonder why….

  • shiv prasad bolubanda

    Htc had this way back. Why dont they say apple and samsung both r copycats