Google Drive for the Web updated with better functionality


Google Drive for the Web has received a couple of updates recently, bringing improvements to how folders are organized as well as easier and more seamless access to files across Docs, Sheets and Slides.

The first big improvement is some added functionality to search. Before, you could only search a document or file within the app you’re using (e.g. Docs or Sheets). Now, this update will not only show you results for documents within the app you’re using when you search, but all across Drive. In other words, you will see search results for Sheets and Slides now, too.


How files are organized have gotten a few improvements as well. When you search for a term, you’ll be shown a Top Results category with a mixture of files, but also a recent documents, recent spreadsheets and recent presentations category, if it’s relevant to the search term, that is.


Organizing files has gotten a whole lot easier as well. If there’s a shared file that hasn’t been added to your Drive yet, Google has added a shortcut button to quickly save it to your Drive (example above).


Finally, when you select files that are already in your drive, there’s now a shortcut that let’s you quickly reorganize these files into other folders.

All in all, Google has made it much more intuitive and simpler to use Google Drive. This is a small and incremental update, but one that makes things oh so much easier when managing files in Drive.

The ability to quickly move files around is a feature that’s already in the Android app yet, but overall, we’re not yet sure if or when Google will be bringing some of these improvements to its Google Drive apps on Android or iOS.

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