Puppy Bowl XII will be shown in VR

Puppy Bowl

The Super Bowl is almost here, but that also means something even better is happening soon. The Puppy Bowl! Even better is Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XII will be shown in VR.

On February 7th, the Puppy Bowl will be streaming at 3PM PT, however, there are many 360-degree extras you can watch right now on basically any way possible to watch VR videos. Their website, 360-degree YouTube, Samsung Milk app, or Discovery’s VR app on iOS or Android.

The Puppy Bowl has 84 rescue dogs from all over the US (Team Ruff and Team Fluff) “compete” against each other to see who is victorious. Realistically, it’s a bunch of dogs playing around in a small football stadium. Still cute either way, and a lot cooler in VR.

You can check out a 360-degree highlight reel of the dogs playing below.

Source: Animal Planet