DROID Turbo 2 owner complains about an unwanted green line


Are you experiencing screen problems on your DROID Turbo 2? The picture comes from an unhappy owner who posted a new issue in Motorola’s forums. People are complaining about a vertical green line appearing on the display of their new handset.

So far just a few have reported the appearance of the inexplicable green line throughout the display. One owner wrote that the line began widening over time and that he was forced into getting it replaced. Motorola is keeping an eye on the issue, but has not reported anything just yet. Verizon workers are aware and will reportedly replace the device so long as you’re under warranty. If you’re experiencing this malfunction, we strongly recommend reaching out to your local Verizon store and Motorola’s customer care as soon as possible to get a replacement sent out.

Is your DROID Turbo 2 having similar issues? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below.

Source: Motorola

  • Ricky Giordano

    My Dt2 64gb unit has the same problem with the green line but only appears with pressure towards the bottom of the display where the right speaker is once pressure us applied there it shows up once pressure is released it goes away

    • Justin_Herrick

      Any word from support?

      • Ricky Giordano

        Verizon told me I can’t get it warrantied cause I have water damage apparently steam causes the little water sensor in the sim card slot to show water damage and Motorola told me to call there repair services to see what they can do

  • Unhappy customer

    I got my new DT2 the day Verizon released them to buy. Paid $600 for it to drop calls, and have green line to appear exactly like in pic shown above. And of course it’s being blamed on me. ugh!!!!