Get a Google Glass-style display in your next paintball mask

Recon Instruments Empire EVS 4

Video games are tons of fun, but there is nothing like living them. Seriously, what is more fun, racing a Ferrari in a game, or racing a real Ferrari around a track? Exactly, obviously the real life version. However, there are some features of video games that would work well for real life too.

 Probably the best feature of any video game compared to real life is the HUD or heads up display. This allows you to see various things like the map, your health, current speed, or anything else depending on the game. However, Recon Instruments has decided to bring the HUD to life in their new paintball masks.

Recon Instruments Empire EVS 1

Recon Instruments Empire EVS 2

The Empire EVS is a new type of paintball face mask that contains a small screen inside for users to see certain bits of information. It can display the map, locations of teammates, how much ammo, and much more. Obviously, everyone playing will need to have one of these masks, and possibly some other gear on for all of this to work perfectly, but still pretty cool either way.

Recon Instruments Empire EVS 3

The system runs Android and features a 1GHz dual-core processor, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a few other sensors. Currently, there is no price or availability date just yet.

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