Nexus owners complain of a delay in email syncing


Are you experiencing sync issues on your Nexus device? If yes, you’re not the only one.

Multiple people have suspected a Google sync error with receiving emails. The error seems to be hitting Nexus users running Marshmallow and above. People are complaining that their device is not alerting them of incoming emails right away and that there’s a delay in the system. Google Now is also experiencing problems. So far there hasn’t been a way to free the issues for good, although clearing the app data and cache may fix the problem temporarily.

Representatives from Google have replied to the thread of complaints and seem to be working on a solution. Based off of some replies, the problem may be associated with Android’s new doze feature, which is meant to save users power by putting one’s device in a standby mode when sitting still. Hopefully it won’t be long before Google figures out what’s causing the issue.

Source: Google

  • Peter Pugliese

    Yes, I noticed this a few days ago on my Nexus 6.