Google Adds Interactive Weather Results In Search

The Google Mobile team continues to contribute some outstanding and innovative functionality to our search results, always sure, as usual, to do it in the name of fun.  The latest and greatest integration is interactive weather results on your Android device.  While Google has always displayed weather results flawlessly on demand when it comes to mobile, this time they have added a little twist to their most recent iteration.  Now, if you go to a standard Google search page on your Android device and search for “weather”, you’ll get a nice widget-like display of the current weather conditions in your present location.  All of your standard features will be present like temperature and the forecast for the next few days.  However, now they’ve added a slider to the mix.  

The slider allows you to status the weather over a 12 hour period, detailing the hour-by-hour breakdown of weather conditions.  By adding this, Google has allowed you to keep a trending tab on the temperature, wind speed and humidity throughout the day.  In addition, as the day moves along, the background color changes with it, displaying a real time feel for dusk and dawn.  Google says at this time they are only supporting the English language, but not to worry, as updates are coming for other languages too.  So, give it a try.  Head on over to on your mobile device and enter or say “weather”.  Don’t forget to leave us a comment below letting us know what you think.

[via googlemobileblog]