T-Mobile says they aren’t throttling, they are optimizing


YouTube recently accused T-Mobile of throttling video streaming with its Binge On service. However, T-Mobile has made a statement claiming what they are doing is definitely not throttling.

 Throttling is illegal in the US and T-Mobile is not allowed to do it. T-Mobile is fully aware of this rule, and instead call what they are doing as mobile optimizing video.

A T-Mobile representative said:

“Using the term “throttle” is misleading, we aren’t slowing down YouTube or any other site. In fact, because video is optimized for mobile devices, streaming from these sites should be just as fast, if not faster than before. A better phrase is “mobile optimized” or a less flattering “downgraded” is also accurate.”

Google says their service is fine, but it should be an opt-in and not opt-out like they are currently doing. I agree with Google, if I am paying to see the full quality video, give me the full quality video.

Source: DSLReports