Google Cardboard used to save a baby’s life


I remember the day Google gave out the Google Cardboard and everyone thought it was a joke. A device made of cardboard, how good could it really be? Well, good enough to be used by doctors to save a baby’s life.

A four-month-old was born with no left lung and a deformed heart, any chance of survival was not looking good. However, doctors in Miami, Florida, managed to look “inside” the baby to save her life.

Heart surgery is no joke and is especially difficult on such a small baby. Normally, the doctors would just look at the scans of the heart, but the pediatric surgeons at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital decided to try something new. They uploaded the images into a phone, and placed it in a Google Cardboard to view them in 3D.

Dr. Redomond Burke, a cardiovascular surgeon at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital said:

“The old VR images we used to get were just too grainy not specific enough for the fine detail you need to do open heart surgery on a baby,”

After the Doctors planned everything out to get a clear understanding of what needed to be done, the 7 hour surgery began. Thankfully, the surgery was a success and baby Teegan Lexcen is recovering.

Source: CBSMiami
Via: Engadget

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    The Google cardboard I have can’t fit my Nexus 6 like that image. Malarkey!

    • Brent

      Do you have the Google Cardboard 2 like in the image or the first one?