Google’s Now on Tap adds flight status, shipping and tracking info, and better news


Google is bringing more new features to Now on Tap, adding in some extra information related to your flight status, stuff you bought online, and some better related news.

First up is the flight information, which will allow you to check a flight status from within a text message without having to launch a separate search. Then you can hop right back into the text message without losing your spot.

The second feature should be extremely helpful for anyone doing their holiday shopping on the internet; you’ll be able to use Now on Tap in a confirmation email to see when your packages will be delivered to make sure they’re here before Christmas.

News articles are getting some treatment, too, and now you can use Now on Tap to find related articles on whatever it is you’re reading about. Should be helpful if you’re reading about a certain celebrity or topic that you need to dig more into.

You should see these features hit your device over the next few days.

source: Inside Search