SwiftKey launches new initiative, SwiftKey Symbols, to help people with speaking disabilities


SwiftKey today just launched a new initiative for helping those with speaking disabilities. Dubbed SwiftKey Symbols, the application will help the aforementioned group of people to communicate by using images over the regular keyboard.

The concept is simple: the users taps on a couple of different images that he or she thinks will properly communicate what needs to be conveyed, and SwiftKey Symbols will turn that into a sentence. SwiftKey Symbols will let users pick from all different categories, including people, actions, and colors. Harnessing the powerful prediction engine of SwiftKey, SwiftKey Symbols is also able to better predict what the user wants to say the more the keyboard is used.

While SwiftKey Symbols has many preset images already available, the user can also add a custom picture or photo for a special object or idea, which brings an even wider range of communication possibilities.


One thing’s for sure: SwiftKey wants to help people communicate better, and those with speaking disabilities aren’t excluded from that goal. Not only that, but SwiftKey Symbols is an app that is entirely free of charge; there aren’t even any in-app purchases.

It goes without saying, it’s tough having something like Autism or another disability because you often can’t communicate things that bother you and, well, emotion in general. Hopefully SwiftKey Symbols can help relieve that in anyway possible, especially as SwiftKey continues to polish and support it.

If you want to take SwiftKey Symbols for a spin or know someone that it could help, be sure to hit the download link below.

Play Store Download Link

source: SwiftKey

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