What would you use an Android Tablet for most?


There are going to be so many tablets coming out in the next little while that we may start asking ourselves how important it is that we get one. They’ll all be in different shapes and sizes, options, specs, etc. Obviously, like choosing a computer before, the hardware you bought was likely the result of some self-analyzation on what you plan on using it for. Then came smartphones, same deal. What specs will be good enough for what you plan on doing with it. Is it for business or pleasure? Do you take alot or pictures or not? Video, video chat?

Yes, there are going to be as many options with tablets as there are with computers, laptops, and smartphones. In-Stat, a market researcher, did a report called US Consumers’ Attitudes and Behaviours Toward the Emerging Tablet Market, which they stated, “After close to a decade of negligible demand, the tablet market is finally gaining mass market appeal”.

Stephanie Ethier, senior Analyst at In-Stat also said;

Last year’s small crop of tablets was being touted as potential e-readers; a way to compete against the extremely popular Amazon Kindle line-up…But this next generation of tablets is clearly being marketed as consumer multimedia consumption devices positioned to compete squarely against the Apple iPad.

Tablets are predominantly being used for email, internet and multimedia currently, but we are also seeing the business sector look towards tablets for their solutions as well. Deloitte research firm did another report where they predict that 25% of all tablet sales will be by businesses for business activity.

55% of people surveyed who currently own tablets said they spend at least 9 hours a week using them for various things already discussed. So where do you stand? What would you use a tablet for? How long do you think you’d use it a week? maybe the real question here is this…What will having a tablet do for you that you can’t already do on your Android smartphone?

About the Author: Jesse Bauer

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Jesse works in IT professionally. Jesse enjoys keeping up with all things Android and Google related, whoopin butt online in ModNation Racers, keeping up to date on the latest metal music, playing/recording original music, and reading Star Wars novels. Ahead of all those things, Jesse holds his family at the top of the list, who all somehow manage to support him with his endless list of things he wants to accomplish.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Humbird59 Karin van Vemde

    Just want one…;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/LK.PED LK Latekon Khunphuvhong

    i love andmroid

  • epool86

    Only use for facebooking lol..

  • Cipher

    I use my Galaxy Tab to remotely connect to my work PC using Logmein to perform technical support for my organization. Other uses include checking email and my twitter and facebook accounts. I pretty much use it exactly as I would my laptop.

  • ken mckean

    Basicallyreplaces my PC

  • Cole

    I would like to use one as the stereo in my truck

  • http://www.otecology.com Justin

    Not much, I need a real keyboard and a serious word processor on anything that is gonna replace my netbook/laptop.

    My phone is the GPS, stero, and phone, in the car… so that’s taken.

    It can’t render 1080p video as well as my quad core desktop PC, so that’s out…

  • Mathieu

    a 500$ or more tablet should be capable of replacing the desktop/laptop for most of the data consuming (reading books, news, article … watching videos, photos … chat, video-chat…).

  • Jessy

    Use my Galaxy Tab daily for:
    Remote Desktop against servers and other
    Reading mail
    Reading ebooks
    Listen to music (who can beat Spotify)
    As phone sometimes
    As wireless internet router when I use my Desire as phone (connection breaks when I talk otherwise)
    Project planning
    Playing (wonderful screen…)

    …and then some.

  • Jesse Bauer

    lol epool86.
    what about twitter?

  • Roy Jones

    It will definitely replace the magazines in my bathroom…

  • Rosie

    I own a Samsung Tab. I use it everyday for Twitter, gmail, blogging, news feed & browsing when I’m not home. Occasionally I play Angry Birds or Pocket Legends. I also use Evernote frequently on it. Better than phone; not as big as laptop. I like that’s small enough to carry most places. Keyboard dock makes heavy typing a breeze. Phone is great but small screen makes anything beyond 140 characters a disaster.

  • Brian of the North

    What the hell is the mapping app being used in the photo in this article?? I can’t find it on my tab.

  • Lou Droid

    So I am using my tablet to make presentations to home owners as a contractor.
    Additionally i’ve added some great making music programs in particular for guitar.
    Also email and FB along with other sites I visit.

    With all that said I was in a world of confusion in that ever other day this site had some new tablet coming out. They’re coming they’re coming they’re coming. Got tired of waiting.

    Got an iPad and yes I love it. Sacrilegious for this site? Come on…….at least I’m using my rooted DroidX as my on the road connection.

  • Lou Droid

    It’s the same way I got the DroidX too. Had ordered the incredible, it was back ordered, DroidX came out whilst I waited.

  • rightwingman

    (iPad user here)

    Gaming – 75% of app downloads are games. Good selection on iPad, very limited I imagine for Android tablets.

    Otherwise, some web browsing, but for serious use I would need to use a desktop or laptop for all the plugins etc. on Mozilla.

    If my laptop turned on instantly and had days of battery life, I would probably use it instead. Biggest advantage of tablets is ‘always on’ and super battery life of iPad.

  • Joe

    Reading pdfs, period.

    Web browsing, reading books, games and music I can do on my Android phone.

    For any productive work like writing emails, working on a spreadsheet or programming code, a virtual keyboard is absolutely useless and tablets are still too slow for multi-tasking. So, my desktop and laptop are still preferred choices for work.

    For videos at home, I have my multi-media center hooked up to a 42″ TV or 100″ projector with surround sound. For videos on the go, I have my phone or laptop.

    Honestly, the only real benefit of a tablet for me, is the ability to read pdf documents on a large screen while lying in bed or on a couch. I can’t lay in bed with a 3 lb laptop on my chest and my phones 480×800 screen is still too small to read pdf documents without having to constantly scroll left and right.

  • Tony Hedges

    Interesting reading the comments after the article. I don’t yet have a tablet and won’t be getting one for a couple of reasons. Firstly I have a HTC Desire HD and it is absolutely brilliant. Secondly everything I could do on a tablet I already do on my smartphone. Why would I want a tablet? Only reason I can see is for extra screen space, not enough of a reason for me. I may have a rethink if HTC enter the tablet market though!

  • http://andcast.thenetcasts.com AndCast

    We use our tabs primarily for gaming and for the netcasts in form of a note-slate and to replace the papers on the table :)
    I think I personally could say
    70% gaming
    10% news reading
    10% social network activity (incl. mail, facebook etc.)
    5% productivity/netcast
    5% photo/video

    It’s almost a shame to use it so much for gaming, but on my Samsung Galaxy Tab with a 7″ display, it is a lot of fun, and still small enough to take the tab with you.

    • Praveen

      I also bought Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″, i dint know how to use for work. i think using 70% for gaming its very costly game..

  • JaneArt

    Hi I have just bought a galaxy tablet and I am wanting to use it as a word processor while I am at work. How do I access all the windows office type programs so i can later transfer them to my laptop or desktop computer

  • JaneArt

    sorry I should of said in the previous post I am not real good with technology, can use the computer for most things but when it comes to the techy stuff I am a bit slow………….any help though would be great

  • http://www.zackwall.com Zack Wall

    I’m an author and I use my Acer Iconia for book-writing with Google Docs and going between my tablet and laptop for writing. I also use it for Blogging, web surfing, games and social media. 

  • Shadamadafas

    question:  can you use android tablet as a monitor for movies downloaded to your external hardrive?

  • YKG

     Is android compatible for every social networking site?

  • Andrew0109

    i want it for firefox and to use the TOR Oonion router i dont know if this is possiable?