Square announces a new card reader that supports NFC and EMV chips


Square today announced that it’s getting ready to sell a new card reader that supports NFC payments and EMV chips found in credit and debit cards. Square is in the testing process with the new reader, partnering with 100 small businesses across the US.

While the new card reader isn’t available to the public just yet, those interested in getting the upgraded hardware can reserve their own unit for just $49. For those planning on ordering, keep in mind that you’re not charged for the reader straight away, but only when shipping begins.

The new hardware will work seamlessly with the Square Stand Hub as well as the company’s existing mobile application.

If you already have a Square reader and are looking at upgrading, it’s probably not worth the investment in a small city. However, if you’re operating a business in larger, more populated locations, that $49 will pay for itself soon enough, especially with the rise of mobile payment systems like Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and even Apple Pay.

source: Square