Tegra 3 To Make Its Debut at MWC Next Month?

Tegra 2 processors were all over CES earlier this month. In the next few weeks, we’ll be seeing a lot of phones launching with the dual-core CPUs. However, rumors are tricking out that we might be getting some information at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month about the next step in the Tegra line. Keep in mind that they’re still just rumors, but there are a lot of dots that can be easily connected to point in that direction.

For starters, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has hinted recently that we would see Tegra 3 “in the near future,” with Tegra 4 following about a year later. Also, as recently as CES, NVIDIA’s Michael Rayfield (General Manager for Mobile Business Unit) made the statement: “We have to continue to do more with less power. When my next generation of Tegra comes out, it will do everything that Tegra 2 does and I’ll have more headroom. So I will continue to push that.” He also said that the announcement of the Tegra 3 would be “pretty quick…probably before my competitors have their dual-core in production.” Running a bit with that statement, it is widely suspected that Qualcomm will be bringing some dual-core phones to MWC next month, so it’s kicking off some speculation that perhaps the Tegra 3 will make appearance next month in Barcelona.

Again, we don’t yet have official confirmation on any of this, and we won’t know for sure until next month, but this is a far more believable rumor than some we’ve heard lately. Stick around, and we’ll bring you more information as soon as its available.

[via AndroidAndMe]