Google may build their own phone that isn’t a Nexus


We recently reported on a story about Google trying to end fragmentation in Android. However, it now looks like Google may be going a little farther and making their own Google made phone.

If they make their own Google phone, not a new Nexus as that is made by other companies, they would be able to control literally everything just like Apple does. The chips, the software, and the hardware would all be made by Google.

Currently, this is just a rumour, but it would be awesome to have an Android phone that is totally made by Google as it would be the smoothest Android device ever. The only problem with this idea is the Nexus already receives updates quickly and is pretty smooth. Plus, a Google made phone would only make other manufactures who run Android look bad. They would always release the newest version of Android even later and considering Google wants manufactures to use Android, probably not a good idea. However, share your thoughts on if you want a Google made phone in the comments?

Source: The Information

  • tardis 13

    Didn’t they sort of have a run at this when they owned Motorola?

    • Eric Nicholls

      And they are kind of doing it with an Android Tablet under the Pixels Brand.

  • Shailesh Gabhane

    This is not the good idea. I don’t approve this. It would have been when they had Motorola with them. As an organization, one need to focus on their strength and outsourcing is the best way to create or diversify the business and increase the revenue. Though margins would be less, but still you don’t carry overheads and enjoy controlling vendors as per your requirements. I don’t think , Google can not control the vendors. They can still enjoy ownership without owning anything, like Facebook doesn’t own the contents, Uber don’t own the taxis, Amazon doesn’t have the inventory, etc. Etc.

    Whoever is coming out with idea is seriously lost his mind or not in correct state of mind.

  • Craig Deegan

    as with all tech announcements, I shall wait and see what happens and if they do build one, what the specs and value are like, I see no reason for them to NOT build one to be honest, why would I?