Play video game emulators on your Android Wear watch

Nintendo 64 on Android Wear

Someone has found a way to play video game emulators on Android Wear! Although the screen may be super small, and the buttons even smaller, it’s still cool that it can be done.

YouTuber Hacking Jules has posted a video on his YouTube channel that clearly shows him playing Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He is using an LG G Watch and the games seem to be running relatively smooth on it.

I didn’t think Android Wear would be able to run a full game console emulation, but I would be wrong. Not only can he run Nintendo 64, but he also has PSP, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance and even Windows 7 emulators. You can see the videos for those too on his channel.

Unfortunately, you can’t download any of these emulators right now. However, hopefully Hacking Jules keeps working on them and releases them for all to use in the future.

Source: Hacking Jules
Via: MobileSyrup

About the Author: Brent D'Alessandro

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  • Ian Hickman

    These can’t be emulators but just a mirror image from phone. Something like onlive

    • Brent

      Why can’t they?

      • Ian Hickman

        Unless the requirements for resolution has been changed? And that looks like n64oid emulator

        • Brent

          I can’t be totally sure, but in theory he could of changed the code so it would run.