Google Photos scores a nifty feature with new update

Google Photos_version1.8_facerecocognition_expand_102915

With a new update of Google Photos, Google has expanded further upon its already neat capabilities. The company also brought its popular face recognition feature to Latin America, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand along with other parts of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

With the new update, version 1.8, Google expanded upon its face categorizing feature. Now users can hide someone who appears under “People” so that others can’t see photos of him/her when viewing. It makes perfect sense for when you’re showing your girlfriend your gallery and don’t want her to see your ex. But it can be valuable to just about anyone in some way. Additionally, it will stop resurfacing these people or person under the “rediscover this day” tab.

The update is hitting Android devices now, with iOS support coming “very soon.”

Source: Google (Google+)

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