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Meizu trolls OnePlus with contest to swap the 2016 Flagship Killer for a Meizu PRO 5


It was just the other week that OnePlus offered to take that crusty old Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ or Note 5 off your hands, trading you up to a OnePlus 2, the alleged 2016 flagship killer. Now it seems, fellow Chinese handset manufacturer, Meizu, has decided to troll OnePlus by holding a competition where a OnePlus 2 owner can win the chance to swap the handset in return for a Meizu PRO 5

The contest uses a couple of hashtags, with #TurnTheHeatOff, being an obvious reference to the OnePlus 2’s Snapdragon 810 and its overheating issues. The other hashtag used is #TurnNFCOn, referring to the lack of NFC on the OnePlus 2. On paper at least, the Meizu PRO 5 should be a nice little upgrade from the OnePlus 2, with its Samsung-made Exynos 7420 processor, 5.7-inch Full HD AMOLED display and 21MP camera.

Meizu hasn’t given a specific date for when the contest closes, other than saying that the winners will receive a notification email later this week. So if you’d like to swap your OnePlus 2 for the Meizu PRO 5, you should probably enter as quick as you can by clicking on the source link below.


Source: Meizu (Facebook)

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