Samsung Responds To Alleged Froyo Hold On T-Mobile Vibrant Devices

Most of our readers may know by now that there has been a story circulating the Internet regarding the Samsung Froyo update for T-Mobile’s Vibrant.  Several days ago a tipster, who supposedly works for T-Mobile, tipped off Android Central and Androidspin, ranting that Samsung is not allowing T-Mobile  to release the 2.2 update due to the fact that it will dampen the glory and thunder of the Vibrant 4G device slated to hit T-Mobile this year.  The tipster states:

Some disturbing things have happened the last week or so concerning our “Vibrant.” Samsung has NOT allowed us to push the update OTA for 2.2 because they feel it will decrease the value of the upcoming Vibrant4G +. While from a marketing aspect I totally understand, as the Vibrant 4G is what the original Vibrant should have been in the 1st place. But to shun off and bold face lie to customers is NOT what T-Mobile is about.

The tipster further tips, that the new Vibrant 4G is very similar to the current Vibrant, with the exception of a new movie added, a front facing camera and HSPA+ support.  The staff over at CNET reached out to Samsung regarding the issue and this is what they had to say:

Samsung Mobile does not comment on rumors or speculation. With regard to the Froyo update, we recently issued the following statement: “Samsung feels it is important to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available only after we feel that we can give the millions of U.S. Galaxy S owners a simple and reliable upgrade experience. Due to the complexity and unique functionality of each Galaxy S device, we are performing additional testing and are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all U.S. Galaxy S owners, including the Samsung Vibrant, as soon as possible.

The response seems, with all due respect, to lack a little…well, response.  It’s a nice little disclaimer, but come on Uncle Sammy!  The company is responsible for single handedly selling over 10 million Galaxy S devices.  There is absolutely no reason why any Galaxy S phone in the US should not be running Froyo by now.  The company has to be concerned that this might effect future sales.  Who would want to invest in a device for a couple of years to find that there is a possibility the manufacturer will not support it?  It’s the Behold II all over again!  To blame it on “complexity and unique functionality” is to simply pass the buck.  So, it’s still unclear as of now what the true underlying issue is, but hang in there folks.  Do you want to let us know how you feel?  We’re sure Sammy is reading, so feel free to fire away in the comments below.

[via cnet]

About the Author: Joe Sirianni

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  • Javier

    Tell Samsung to keep their update.. I am very confident that Apple will come out with t a global or unlocked GSM iphone on Summer time so I will wait for it.
    I was looking to buy the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series hybrid but look how they handl things.. I will chase my hunt to other brand.
    How come such a top product like Galaxy S Vibrant has not gotten the update.. please..

  • Chris Fitz

    I think samsung is a bunch of bull. I had a g1 before this vibrant and my g1 was more updated than newer phones that were out. Samsung made me wish that I waited for the g2. At least htc updates when they say they will. And if they dont, they dont say it more than twice, unlike these a__holes!

  • Dean

    Doesn’t surprise me, I’ve had a Samsung galaxy i7500 for 18 months now and can’t wait to be rid of it. As Samsung said they would not update the software to anything above 1.6. It’s pretty obvious that it was because they planned to bring out the Galaxy S just a few months after I bought my phone, it seems a very deceitful way to operate, I will certainly never buy a Samsung phone again seeing how they operate. its even made me decide to buy an Iphone instead after the poor android OS experience I have had with this phone.

  • Jose Lopez

    One of the reasons I bought the phone in the first place instead of the mytouch 4g was the salesman promised that this phone was gonna have 4g “soon” help said. And if samsung thinks I’m gonna upgrade to the new one in the middle of my 2 year contract then they’re delusional.

  • brianadfl

    Updated to 2.2 on my epic last night. There is nothing yet that has shown why its not available to the public now. And honestly it works better. Even the gps locked down without a lag.

    My only guesss of why they are holding back is that they want to say “we have new phones an have updated out entire first series to 2.2.”

  • anon

    Offer the Vanilla Android option Samsung. You can still offer your own customized version. Just let the customer choose. Then you will gain the respect of everyone — those who want Vanilla and those who don’t. You already have great hardware. Combine it with this choice for your customers and you will create more happy customers.

  • Ingo

    And in the meantime, Samsung is on my “Do not buy EVER” list for phones.

    Way to push business to HTC!

  • alex

    F u Samsung, I switched from a iPhone to vibrant and the GPS can’t lock on me? And the only fix you dimwits had was the promise of 2.2? And now 2.2 is no where in site? I’m going toss this phone out the window on the freeway while driving to get a new iPhone. F**k you Samsung once again, this is the last time I trusted your product

  • http://google lee Simmons

    I have witnessed two mobile Samsung cellphones developed and sold as of late December. Both devices have 2.2, because new customers will not pay for an out of date device, (continium and nexus s). Now the Samsung vibrant 4g, all these devices are built from the galaxy s platform. It is obvious since, Samsung and carriers have our money, we don’t have any importance to change their treatment. They are now focused on new sales and could care less, it is not like, we can return the device and get our money back. They have us where, they want us.

  • Mags

    Hmm maybe they’re trying to be more like motorola and neglect their customers.

  • Al T

    What makes this worse is I was warned by several people before I bought my Vibrant in September that this would happen. After holding off and waiting for the official froyo, last night I installed the Nero 5 froyo rom from Team Whisky. Took half an hour and works great.
    Never again Samsung, you also soured me from the Galaxy Tab.

  • Wizechatmgr

    All the 2.2 Roms currently available have been great (Nero_v4). Surely Samsung isn’t implying that small groups of programmers are more qualified than theirs, or are they?

  • Liang

    US Samsung need new Leader.

  • JP

    With all the issues my Captivate has non working GPS wonky bluetooth, shutdowns and lack of Froyo. There only response to me at ATT was Samsung will offer a REFURB!! I bought my phone no contract. $500 wasted #NeverAgain Samsung

  • aaronaaron

    So how many devices has htc sold? Pretty sure they’re not having any trouble releasing a legit 2.2 build.\
    WTF Samsung, and your lack of responce leads us to believe that the so called “rumors/speculation” are 100% accurate.
    The Nexus S is a Galaxy S phone, and it’s running GINGERBREAD!!!

  • Magswrong

    I have a Motorola Droid X, and since I’ve purchased it, it’s been updated 3 times, including a second time to add Android 2.2.1 so I don’t get your comment Mags. Motorola has been great in terms of providing updates for its high end phones. I mean, if you go cheapo and buy an entry level Android phone, you can’t expect to be treated like a high end smartphone customer.

    In the case of Samsung, they released the Samsung Galaxy S class, right after the Droid X came out. As I said, the Droid X has been updated 3x since. What’s Samsung’s excuse for not getting 2.2 on their phones? I mean, the Droid X, Droid 2, HTC’s Droid Incredible all have custom skins and unique functionality, and yet they all have been updated.

    I’m probably going to upgrade sometime before the end of the year, and I’m looking for something like the Atrix 4G from Motorola. I’ll wait for WMC to see if HTC releases something comparable. One thing I do know, is that from now on, Samsung will be on my DO NOT BUY EVER list.

  • Rice D

    @lee SimmonsNo Gravatar: Was that written by William Shatner?

  • Chris Fitz

    I trusted these guys. ( im a f___king idiot ) I got this phone because I thought it fits me. It does, but im still also “electronically inclined”. Older guys at my job have have more updated phones than me. This is bull. I spent good money for this thing of a phone. Im so dissappointed with this company. im going to just take the bullet, donate this phone to charity, and get an htc. I was wayyyy happier with them. So long samsung

  • Jason

    I love my Vibrant Samsung makes great phones, just wished they have better radio reception, my gf’s garminfones gets full 3g signal at the house while I only get 2-4 bars of edge.

    If you cant wait for froyo then flash it yourself, Hell samsung even has the foryo updates on thier website you can download to flash yourself.

    I installed Nero v5 best rom ever.

  • Jason

    It has also been dicovered that the vibrant does indeed have a 4g reception Chip in the phone but is currently locked to 3G we are currently working on exploiting this over at XDA Forums, the chipset handles 14.4 mbs/s if we can exploit it. And also it onbly takes 2 seconds to install a modded ffc, so once vibrant 4g comes out we will be able to update our current vibrants.

  • E

    HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe it’s a cultural difference.
    I have no idea, because I am an American,
    but maybe that’s just the way they conduct business in Korea and customers over there just accept it and don’t really think about having a the same phone for 2 years.
    Who knows…maybe that’s how it is there.

    …and that’s not to say anything remotely bad about Korean culture…I happen to have many Korean friends and I personally really like the people and many things about Korean culture.

    My only point is:

    We in the USA want to have our phone for 1 or 2 years and we want to have upgrades so that we don’t have to keep buying a new phone every 6 months.

    We want value and we want satisfaction in our product, knowing that the company whom we purchased it from is committed to keeping everything running smoothly and up-to-date.

    Something tells me that Somebody over at Samsung Korea just decided…”ehh, let’s treat everyone in the west the same way…we don’t have to study how they do things over there.”

    Samsung is obviously a Giant, but these business practices don’t fly here.

    Watch their sales figues drop dramatically next year.

    (owner of a Samsung Epic 4G).

  • SoCal1

    I have a refurbished MyTouch 3G for sale…which is an HTC phone…(warranty exchange)…and I turned it on the other day to check for OS updates…it updated to FROYO 2.2.1… while this Vibrant is stuck at 2.1. HTC seems to have a better partnership with Google…..HTC did first push the Android platform, G1….BUT T-Mobile was first with Android. This SGS is still under warranty and im thinking of complaining about it….the 3 times T-Mobile give you….to get a totally different phone. My eye is now on the MyTouch 4G (HTC). I lose the Vibrant screen, but the MT4G does have a Sony screen….so I should be good. Plus I get a more solid OS that is frequently updated.

    This pushing of updates by Samsung is a bunch of lagging crap. After their recent GPS update…my photo gallery crashes the phone upon opening….and after Google Maps recent 5.0 update….the G Maps freezes my phone as well…grrrrrrrr.

    Back to HTC for me. Samsung just attracts you with hardware, but not the software to back their damn hardware up. Bastards!

  • Jim Bravo

    The lack of update is most definitely due to Samsung not wanting it’s upcoming devices to lose value and potential sales. What they don’t understand is holding back updates to current high-end phones WILL affect sales, possibly more than releasing an update to their current phones would. If consumers believe their $500 high-end device won’t have current software in a few months, they’ll find another manufacturer that will continue to support their devices, that or stick with apple

  • jairo

    I will NEVER buy a samsung phone again!! Totally disapointed in the way samsung is putting us the consumers of galaxy s to the side. I am going to sell my piece of crap samsung epic and buy an evo or wait to see what Sprint announces next month… hope its a good phone that is not samsung…

  • Wes

    Samsung will have to find some other suckers to buy their 4G Vibrant because no current 3G Vibrant owners will likely EVER buy another Samsung Android phone …

    I have owned both iPhone and HTC Android phone in the past and they are way better products and both have support from the manufacturer … NEVER AGAIN Samsung

    GPS .. won’t get into that mess and still not fixed ..

  • TGA_Gunnman

    This is my last Samsung phone. The non-standard way they implemented the OS is annoying. The lack of functional updates and the constant push-backs are frustrating. Then having a Vibrant Plus with all the features I wish the Vibrant had to begin with makes me feel ripped off.

    Complaining aside I do love the S-AMOLED Screen and it is the main reason I purchased the phone, but had no Idea that the broken compass,broken GPS, phone having a bad lag issue and lack of a standard OS implementation would have plagued me.

    Thanks to devs and the ROM community I have gotten past all that, but from the manufacturer this phone is a lemon. This phone is flawed and Samsung promised us that they would fix it with an update which JI6 did not do.

    P.S. Who still uses RFS (Riser File Systems) in the UNIX/Linux world anymore?!?! Samsung that’s who. Why would anyone want to use slow SD memory for their phones application storage instead of NAND?!?! Samsung that’s who.

    Go Figure!!!

  • TGA_Gunnman

    Stick to TVs Samsung because that is what you do best! Forget the phone world because you are giving yourselves a black eye. I will never buy one of your phones or tablets ever again.

  • Mags

    @Magswrong: exactly you have a Droid X, part of their main cell phone line. I had a Cliq and they promised the 2.1 update a long time ago and they just rolled it out in november. Samsung is doing the same thing. that’s why I said the motorola comment.

  • Tom Newman

    I am looking at LG for my next phone. Nice dual core, super display, plus the newest OS from Google. I will drop Samsung because of lack of software support. I stopped my wife to purchase the Samsung Tab because the phone feature is removed in the US. I think that people should not be upset with Samsung for the lack of software support, it’s not worth it. Just drop Samsung for LG or Motorola or HTC.

  • Dougefresh91

    I no longer care about any of this because Samsung has already lost me as a customer. My Vibrant will be sold the day I’m eligible for a free upgrade. And to think I was planning on spending $1200 on one of their tvs. LG wins.

  • http://TalkAndroid Tim44

    In Michigan, as in a lot of other
    States, it is illegal and dangerous to operate your phone while driving. Android 2.1 does not work hands free. I found this out after purchasing an Epic 4. I believe 2.2 corrects this. I wonder if Samsung can be held liable for a user’s trafic accident or ticket because of their failure to release 2.2.

  • Pnutt916

    So long Samsung! I’m going back to Htc for good. I will never buy another phone from you again!!

  • RTWright

    I don’t understand all of this OS issues with these phone companies. Cell phones are no different than a computer, all computers are just as different from one another ( configuration, hardware choices and the like ) as much as these phones are. Different manufactures put in things that the other doesn’t. Just like these cell phones…

    So on a computer you can go out and buy a copy of the OS you want, install it, configure it to work and be done with it. How come it’s made to sound so hard to do on Phones? I do understand there is some different configurations, but I’d think that the Android OS would be able to recognize these things just like Windows does on an Install and set things up.

    What it sounds like to me when they give these blanket excuses like that, is that they just do not want to take the time to do their jobs and push out the updates. Well if you can’t handle updating the OS for all your different devices, then STOP putting out so dang many NEW devices each year. We don’t need a new Android device every 6 months or so. That’s pure stupidity!

  • Galaxy Greg

    Galaxy S (Vibrant) was my 1st and last Samsung phone. Nothing beats rumors! Rumors or not (regarding not updating older phones due to lower sales for new phones) I am never buying a Samsung phone. I’m already shopping for my old Nexus One. HTC all the way. Best support…best android phone. Samsung…wtf are you guys thinking? People are dropping your phones like hotcakes now and it’s not due to them wanting a Nexus S or to wait for the Vibrant 4G. Vibrant 4G may = Gingerbread…but who cares if it won’t be updated once their NEW new phone comes out?

    Bottom line:

    Samsung = FAIL

  • AustinKnight45

    I will never buy anything from samsung again if you feel the same as me sign this grouble its just to be heard maybe it will help.