Phones4U to sell Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani edition

giorgio armani galaxy s

If you pride yourself on being “unique”, and you don’t et a blinding headache from looking at the following webpage, Phones4U will be selling the Giorgio Armani Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S. Yes, that’s correct, you can own a Samsung Galaxy S that is virtually no different from the original Galaxy S, for a higher price. That price of course must solely be to pay Giorgio Armani for his name on the smartphone, because there aren’t any changes other than a tweaked up UI.

For a measly £45.96 per month, with an additional £49.95 upfront charge, this device can be yours. We don’t know exactly when it’s available, but we’re sure Phones4U will make some kind of campaign on it. I mean, there are only 800 of these devices in the world.

[via Phones4U]

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