Nexus 5X preorders will go live right after Google’s announcement, starts at $379.99


We’ve heard plenty of information about the bigger of the two Nexus phones Google will be unveiling this week, but the smaller Nexus 5X hasn’t been talked about quite as much. We already know what kind of hardware to expect, but up until this point, we haven’t heard anything about pricing or availability, which are two pretty big details.

Well, it turns out Google should be opening up preorders for the Nexus 5X right after their announcement this Tuesday. That doesn’t mean the device will necessarily start shipping tomorrow, but it shouldn’t be too much longer after that before you can get one in your hands. Pricing looks pretty wallet friendly, too, with a price tag of just $379.99 for what will likely be the 16 GB version. It’s not the cheapest Nexus ever, but it’s a far cry from the industry standard $649 Nexus 6 last year.

Google is skipping the carriers this time around, so you’ll only be able to order one through Google’s official store. Considering how poorly carrier Nexus launches tend to go, this makes plenty of sense.

Anybody planning on preordering the Nexus 5X tomorrow?

source: Android Police

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  • wumps13

    I am planning to buy the nexus 6 but will see the price first. If it’s too expensive i will go for motorola x pure edition.

  • Oli72

    I’m in like Flynn.