Sophos: Android is a big target of Facebook-based viruses

BitDefender recently conducted a study that showed that Facebook is a growing attack source for smartphone malware. Sophos Senior Technology Consultant Graham Cluley is now saying Android smartphones are the easiest targets for these types of attacks.

“The iPhone operates in a more controlled environment and the BlackBerry security model is fairly strong. Because Android operates in a more open environment, it’s more open to infections,” Cluley said.

Because Android popularity has been growing at a steady rate, Cluley says it should be something IT security shops are more aware of.

All in all, Facebook has become the biggest threat for malware on mobile devices. A Sophos threat report due out next week will dive more into the social networking threat.

[via pcworld]

  • Allan Miller

    This sounds like a lot of FUD to me. It’s pretty well known that open source systems are generally more secure than closed source ones (despite the claims to the contrary by purveyors of closed source systems).