Google Docs gets updated with new integrated research tool and voice typing

Google Docs

Docs is part of Google’s productivity suite along with Sheets, Slides and Forms. Today, the app received a major update that will bring a number of new features aimed at getting work done better than before.

Google’s newest version of its Docs application will be rolling out to Android users starting today. The update is aimed at making tasks more seamless and effortless for students. In addition, changes will also be made in Google’s Classroom product as well as the company’s Sheets and Forms applications.

Google’s newest version of Docs includes dictation in 40 languages. Google’s voice typing will make it easier to input phrases and even sentences when trying to get something done in a hurry. Google was happy to announce these enhancements will be coming to Android, the Web and iOS users.

Unlike the previous feature, this update will only take effect on Android. With Google’s next version of Docs, it will include an all-new resource tool for integrated search. Users will be able to pop open a tab and conduct research all within the Google Docs application. This will make the lives of students much easier and hassle free. Google has included a new insert button for inserting text from outside sources as well as images and URL’s. With this new feature, it will be easier than ever to get work done in a timely manor.

On top of this, Google will now let users check over their revisions in a snap. After you save a Doc, the next time you open it, all the changes the user made will be highlighted. This can all be done with a simple click. You can even do this with multiple people. Each person editing the Doc will be given a specific color and the edits made by that user will appear highlighted in their assigned color.

Google’s update to its productivity suite will also bring many stability improvements, more templates, a refreshed interface for Forms and easier ways to implement charts in Sheets. Professors can also easily share web pages with students in no time.

Google is always keeping its eyes open for ways to improve the lives of its users. We’re very excited to see what the company has in store for us next. For more about the update to Google’s productivity suite hit the source link down below.

Source: Google

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