T-Mobile UK to Change “Fair Use” to Limit Downloads and Video Streaming to 500MB/Month

T-Mobile UK is amending their “Fair Use” terms so that many customers are going to see a slight change to their data programs. Beginning February 1st, customers are going to see data restricted once they have surpassed the 500MB mark. T-Mobile says that its customers will always be able to surf the web and email, but file downloading and video streaming will be restricted once the half-gigabyte mark is reached.

While this might be better than hard-enforced limits, is it the only solution? Could some form of throttling not be enabled past the 500MB limit? Obviously all carriers are examining the strain that heavy data usage is putting on their networks, and some solutions have to be found, and this seems like a better option than capping data or surprise overage charges, but even this might not be the best solution. Time will tell how it helps the carrier or impacts the customers. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[via T-Mobile Support]

  • curse

    500MB? I hope your newspapers webpages in the UK ain’t like those in Sweden, here you need a gig at least just to check the news daily because of all ads.

  • Jakethepeg

    Nice to see another step backwards in the uk, most of the world gets 4G, the uk gets, or well capped usage !!

    This only effects new customers, according to their customer services, (had a rant at them this evening)