Resolving Android Error “Unable to Open Connection to Server” with Exchange 2010

Apparently Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 has caused lots of problems with the default email client in a lot of Android phones. Well, Skinkers Tech Blog has a great article that has resolved a lot of issues with making Android work with Exchange 2010. They have some details as to what has been working and what as not, but also a fix that has delivered their organization 100% success in getting their Android phones working with their shiny new Exchange 2010 server. The solution looks something like this:

  1. Remove the Android mobile devces affected from each users mailboxes.
  2. Remove the Default (and any other ActiveSync) policy using EMC -- Remove-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy -id ; setting all users to no activesync policy
  3. Setup the Andriod phones to sync and let them get past the initial synchronization.
  4. Recreate the ActiveSync Policy and set it back to default.

The full story on the whole Exchange 2010 problems are documented at the source link.

[via Skinkers Blog]

  • Giancarlo Arangath


  • Andy

    Is there any official support from Google about Android errors?

  • Floris Oasen

    After I had to change my exchange password I got this message again on my Android.
    Instead of the above I did the following:
    – Logged in my webmail on a pc(with the new password)
    – went to ‘account settings’ – ‘incomming settings’ from the exchange email app on the android.
    – added the ‘domainname’ in front of the username (normally this is not required)
    – Retyped the new password
    After pushing on ‘next’ I got the confirmation popup to accept the exhange policy again and synchronisation worked again.
    Android 2.3.7 (Chinese Dual SIM HD7(H7300))

  • AndroidNo0b

    Check your mobile phone security settings from within Outlook Web Access settings. If you have previously had the phone configured to access ActiveSync and are trying to reconnect, you may need to delete the profile in order for your phone to reestablish contact. I did and it fixed the issue.

  • FGroup Indonesia

    sorry but, what is that “Using EMC” means?

  • Josh

    The Activesync policy probably specifies that a numerical lock code is required on the phone. After setting up a numerical lock code on the phone, I was able to connect the phone to Exchange Activesync.