Samsung is testing an 18.4-inch tablet

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Whenever I hear the word phablet, Samsung is the brand that instantly pops to mind. The South Korean manufacturer has been at the top of the oversized smartphone market for as long as I can remember and now it looks like they’re set to be the first to create a tablet that’s bigger than most laptops currently available.

Earlier today, an unidentified ‘Sample Samsung Tablet PC’ entered India purely for testing and evaluation purposes. The device was transported from Samsung’s hometown by Delhi Air Cargo and has simply been described as an 18.4-inch slate that must be destroyed after all the relevant testing has been done.

So as it stands, it would appear that the company is working on a tablet that’s bigger than any of Apple’s current MacBook offerings. With such a huge screen, the device will be entering a very niche category and we can’t see it being used in any environment other than a commercial one.

Pricing information included in the import document lists the value of the unit at INR 32,371, which is approximately $510.

Source: NoWhereElse

  • Bardo

    It would make sense in the kiosk or POS markets.