OnePlus 2’s ‘System’ seems to take up quite a bit of RAM


With the OnePlus 2 just being announced, you can expect it will have its rounds of testing. The OnePlus 2 will have two models available: 16GB and 64GB on internal storage with 3GB and 4GB of RAM, respectively. In theory, either model will have more than enough RAM for the average user. Except that may not be the case with the OnePlus 2.

The amount of RAM, according to one owner of the OnePlus 2, actually available to the user is going to be less than usual because it appears the ‘System’ in the OnePlus 2 takes up a whopping 1.1-1.3GB’s of RAM. In comparison, my HTC One M9’s ‘System’ takes up about 800mb’s of RAM. Of course, for all we know, he could be using beta software for the OnePlus 2, and the actual software that will be on the device once released could be different. Either way, definitely something to keep an eye on.

What do you guys think? Could this be a small problem, or is this much-a-do ’bout nothing?


Source: Subham bapna (Twitter)

  • Anthonydotcom

    Well, my Galaxy S6 edge has only 700MB free ram after a fresh boot and a factory reset. So seeing how the OP2 has more than one GB of RAM free available than the phone that costs twice as much as it, I’d say that it doesn’t bother me one bit. Maybe Samsung can learn a thing or two from HTC or OP.

  • George

    The One+ 2 has 25% more RAM so its not surprising that it has been optimised to allow apps to use additional RAM tbh

    People need to realise that chips will just keep things in RAM even if their not being used unless they have aggressive least recently used swapping mechanisms which are only used on low memory devices. Furthermore, a device with that much RAM will prefetch extremely aggressively to take full advantage of its extra capacity!

  • jack

    The OnePlus One was the same way actually, this isn’t a bad thing

  • Cole C

    All I care about is does it burn your hand and just throttle it. If neither opo have tamed the snapdragon 810

  • philopek

    ram management takes into account the totally available ram so 1+ GB out of 4 ist totally ok since unused ram is wasted ram on unix based systems and this leaves 2.8GB for the rest which is the previous total. it’s totally unnecessary to compare apples with pears to make the wanted impression. most people get shocked by such numbers without immediately being aware that we talk 4GB of total RAM here. it’s a bit yellow press style i must say.

  • AdM

    Why do i get the impression that sometimes article’s editors don’t know much about tech…

    • IsaacLHawk