NFL Game Pass will let you view the whole season on-demand


Watching your team play is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but getting to watch all of your team’s games can be a real grind. Thanks to the sport’s governing body, the NFL, having exclusivity agreements with certain providers, it’s almost impossible to watch every game without being charged an arm and leg for the privilege. There may be a glimmer of hope on the horizon, though, courtesy of the NFL’s Game Pass service.

In football terms, Game Pass isn’t a touchdown solution, but it at least gets you off first down. Game Pass will allow you to watch all 256 regular season games on your smartphone or HDTV (via a set-top box) anywhere in the states, but there is one stumbling block. Only the pre-season games will be available to view live. The rest of the games will only be available to view sometime after the game has finished.

Game Pass will also allow you to view games from previous seasons, 2009 onwards (including Super Bowls). Matches will also be available in 30-minute highlight packages, and all matches will be commercial free and in HD resolution.

If you aren’t fussed about watching the games live, the NFL Game Pass could be a decent option when the NFL reveals how much the GamePass service will cost. How much would you be willing to pay for Game Pass?


Source: NFL

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  • StPaulie

    Per a discussion I just had with live chat, the cost in the U.S. will be $99.99. You can’t find out the price without starting the process of getting the free trial.

  • Raji Kanufa

    I don’t know how to watch it absolutely free. However You can take subscription on screenVariety for $50/yearly if you want to watch HD

    • Krystina Dong

      That’s correct

    • Farol Alonso

      screenVariety Tv is looking pretty juicy :)

      • StPaulie


        • Luisa hambard

          Probably you already know, but I want to remind you that N F L H Q T V . C O M provides NFL online. It’s only $30/yearly so go and buy subscription there :D

  • Shohel Ahmmed Pathor

    You may watch it online. just go to N F L H Q T V . C O M . Switch to and enjoy :) There you can watch that game without any blackouts or some other popups