Looking for a better way to multitask? Rovers Floating Launcher has you covered


I, like many of you, am always looking for a faster way to launch applications on my phone. There is the standard multitasking button that shows the recently used apps, but the key is the application had to of been recently used to launch it again. You can keep your favorite apps in the dock for quick access, but are forced to leave the app you are in just to return to the home screen in order to launch the next app. Plus, you are limited to just apps. What if you wanted to be able to launch any app, shortcut, or action right away from any screen? That is where Rovers Floating Launcher comes in.

The way it works is you add your favorite apps, shortcuts, and folders to the list and Rovers will keep a little quick action icon on the screen at all times. Now where ever you are you can simply hit the Rovers button and launch anything you put in there. The best part is you can still use one of the Top 5 Launchers for Android without any issues. Rovers even allows you to change the colors and icons of the apps allowing you to match them to your current theme.

Definitely a great application to check out if you are big into multitasking.Be sure to check out the video below to get a better understanding of what it looks like when in use.

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About the Author: Brent D'Alessandro

Brent is a graphic designer based in Toronto. Recently, he moved into designing more with Android. You may have seen some of Brent's themes in the popular Android launcher, "Themer." He has also made themes for Samsung's theme store. Aside from using Android devices all day, Brent spends a lot of his free time talking about Android on various forums. Brent was already writing about Android on the internet and figured it was finally time to make the move to a professional writer. When not writing with Talk Android, you can find him on http://www.teamshmo.com/

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    Looks cool

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    1 download with 73 reviews? Something seems off about this app.