PacMap is a GPS-based Pac-man

Here’s an excuse to get outside and do some real-world gaming.  That’s right, the clever developer, bompo, over at xda-developer forums came up with a version of Pac-man that uses your Android phone’s GPS to track your location and allow you to gobble up all those yellow dots, all the while avoiding the ghosts.  Here’s the creator’s description on the game:

“PacMap is a location-based game for Android phones.
To play the game you need a GPS signal and a working internet connection. There also have to be some streets nearby.
Your goal is to eat all the dots. For each dot you will get a point. But beware! Ghosts will try to catch you. Try to avoid them as long as possible.”

PacMap is available for free on the Android Market, but keep in mind that it’s in public beta so may have a few bugs.  Be sure to report any issues to the thread over at xda-developer forums here, and also feel free to share your experience playing the game over in our forums – “Sorry officer, I was speeding away to avoid the red ghost, not because you were chasing me!”

Hit the jump for the Market link and QR code to give it a spin.

Market Link

[via xda-developers]

  • Bryan West

    Is this out for BB as well? I haven’t converted my wife to android just yet

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