Samsung announces Kies Air to wirelessly update your Samsung phone

Galaxy S i9000 owners can now update and access their phone wirelessly, thanks to the new Kies Air app. To install the app, simply go to “applications” on your phone, select Samsung Apps, then select Kies Air. You will then have to enter your WiFi’s address and submask in your computer’s browser, for example, and then Kies should appear on the screen. This is certainly easier than digging out your USB cable every time, so if you own a Galaxy S i9000, this may be right up your alley.

[via Samsung Blog]

  • John

    I just do not see how this is better than the USB cable, as Kies is full of bugs and I have not been able to use it for several months. SAMSUNG, dump Kies and just do OTA upgrades, okay.

    • Ingenjören

      Because, of course, the USB connection is also bugged as hell, so it is good to have an alternative.

  • Mark

    The thing I don’t like about Kies Air (I have version is that you can’t manage your apps..
    Also I don’t see the Android update option either (My version is Froyo.2.2.1)

  • Nadine

    I’ve just been told by Samsung support, the reason my Kies won’t do the firmware upgrade is because I also have Itunes on my PC….his solution – uninstall Itunes?????
    Anyone else having the same problem?

  • Indian

    I dont see a firmware option at all….

  • Paul Thomas

    Kies recognises two of our phones i.e. galaxy ace and galaxy s3 mini in the screen top left but that is as far as it gets . From there it just keeps trying to connect and the only thing that happens to the phone is it gets charged . I am using a Samsung Laptop running windows 8 but it does not run on a windows 7 or an XP computer . Kies is not fit for purpose . Samsung , Either fix it or get someone to write a program that actually works !!!