Fresh Gingerbread Clock Skins For Your Android Device, Courtesy Of XDA

One of the coolest things I’ve loved about Android from the beginning is the fact that the OS has always been diverse and flexible.  Your phone won’t feel outdated a year from now because there will always be some hack, app or skin to keep it up to date and in the game.  So it’s no surprise that the folks over at XDA bring us yet again, something “fresh”.  XDA member spirellilein has developed a variety of new gingerbread themed clock skins for your aesthetic pleasure and viewing.  There are six different skins for you to choose from so your phone will never again feel “bland in the hand”.  He’s even taking requests for colors, fonts and anything else you’re willing to send him.  So, head on over to XDA for the instructions on how to download the skins and let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

[via xdadevelopers]

  • Sener Are Tee Ecks

    Thank you love em’!

  • nXt

    FYI, these are Beautiful Widgets skins.

  • alanjmatson

    Nice find I just downloaded these as well and they are sweet looking.