T-Mobile turning on mobile hotspot features for all of its customers on June 12th


We knew T-Mobile was planning on unleashing some new promotions to kick off the summer, but it’s looking like some of those promos will actually be better than we originally thought. That’s a pretty rare thing in this industry, but hey, more stuff is always good, right?

It was leaked that T-Mobile was planning on upping the data limits of mobile hotspot usage for customers who paid for it, and that they were planning on doing away with data caps in favor of data throttling. Those things are still true, but it gets even better.

Every T-Mobile customer, whether you’re on prepaid, postpaid, or anything else, will have access to the mobile hotspot feature on their phone starting on June 12th. Those of you that were paying for a mobile hotspot will still get it, but you’ll get the increased monthly allowance.

This is probably going to be the biggest case of prepaid users gaining access to being able to tether their smartphone, and it’s all going to be unlimited. Sure, it’ll technically slow down after a certain point, but this move is huge and should sway plenty of potential customers over to T-Mobile, especially in the prepaid market.

The new features should go live on June 12th, which is just a few days away. Let’s hope T-Mobile’s network can handle that inevitable traffic increase this week.

source: T-Mo News

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