USB Host Driver for Nexus One

Want to do awesome things with your Nexus One like watching movies off of flash drives, use USB keyboards, webcams or connect a monitor via USB to DVI adapter? Well then thank Germany for producing Sven Killig.

This crafty German wanted to use his Nexus One to its full capabilities, so he went and wrote a USB Host Driver for it. He has designed it to work for Android 2.2, but doesn’t expect any issues with Android 2.1.

Well enough blabbing, check out the video:

Head on over to Sven’s page to grab the necessary files.

*Updated. Turns out good ol’ Sven is indeed German & not Swedish

  • nodch

    As far as I can tell this guy seems to be from Germany. German domain, german address, german accent…

  • weijiajun

    That is awesome, I love the little keyboard attachment.